Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 17, My Highs and Lows of This Past Year!

I will start with my lows because there is not much that I want to go over because it is very personal and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but my lows happened in the beginning of the year because of some things that went on but I am happy to say that things are looking up.

Now that I have that over with =) I will go over my highs! Obviously my biggest high is m beautiful daughter Savannah! She is almost one year old now and I love her so much. I am so proud of her and how quickly she learns and I just love her cute personality. I will share some pictures from the past year!

Well before I post the pictures I have to warn you, I went through my facebook album for Savannah and picked out some of my favorite ones and I have a lot more favorite ones than I thought so the rest of this post is just going to be pictures with some captions!

 One of the highs of this year was that we were able to go and visit some family in Washington state so they could meet Savannah! Above is Savannah with her Grandma Kris.

 Savannah holding Ryan's finger!

 I was even able to go down to St George, Utah to visit my mom's family! I was so happy to be able to have them all meet my precious baby girl especially my grandma J, in the picture above!
 She is the cutest Dalmatian I have ever seen!
 Savannah loves her Grandpa Lewis so much! Every time she hears his voice her face lights up! It is so precious!

 Another high of this year was in March Savannah had her baby blessing and it was even more special because Ryan's brother Taylor was able to be there and be in the circle to help with the blessing!
 Savannah has def had plenty of baths this year! This path above was probably after having carrots fed to her by her father, he is very good at getting more food on her than in her mouth haha!
 Savannah loves being on her dad's shoulders!
 Savannah just loves her aunt Caitlyn so much!

 I love that I have a picture like this! My parents have one like this of myself and my dad.
 Cutest Michael Jordan fan ever!
 "Is this real life?"
 More love for Grandpa Lewis.

 I love Savannah so much I let her fly on my legs even though I knew she would spit up on me!

 "Gross Dad!"
 Another high of this year was that we were able to go to Washington DC with Ryan's mom and step dad. It was all of their first times going to DC so it was fun to see the sites with them and it was also Scott's, Ryan's step dad, first time meeting Savannah and it was love at first site! Savannah loves it when her Grandma Dena visit her!
 Cutest Seahawks fan ever!

 Her great great grandpa love Savannah so much!
 We got to spend mother's day, my first mother's day, at the beach!
 Savannah was not a big fan of hiking but it was still a fun 30 minutes lol.
 Another bath, this time because of spaghetti!
 Savannah was Ryan and my date to a stake dance that we helped chaperone!
 My little princess.

 Savannah wearing he aunt's shirt and a bow that I made!

Savannah's second time apple picking!

Well if you made it this far I hope you liked the pictures and could tell how much I love my sweet baby girl!

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