Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 8, A Moment I Felt Most Satisfied With My Life!

I can't think of another moment in my life than right now when I have been the most satisfied! I am married to the man of my dreams and we have a beautiful and healthy baby girl who we love so much! I am so satisfied with where my life is now.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Funbites Review!

 One of the new and exciting things that is going on in my daughter's life now is that she gets to eat real food sometimes! My husband and I have a lot of fun with this and we like to have her try all different kinds of foods but we always have to be careful to not give her anything too big.

FunBites is the perfect product to help make a lot of food baby friendly and safe. When I got my FunBites in the mail I knew right away what I wanted to use it with... a peanut butter and jelly sandwich since my daughter had never had one before and because it would be an easy food item to test this new product out on. Below are the before and after pictures.

The FunBites cut the sandwich into a cute little heart and into small enough pieces that I would feel comfortable giving to my daughter. One downside about this product is that it leaves behind a lot of waste but I guess so do children since most of my daughter's meals end up on the floor anyway!

 Above are a couple pictures of my daughter enjoying her funbites sandwich! It turned out to be quite a success. Another great thing about this product is that it is dishwasher safe! I was so excited when I found this out but I was not looking forward to washing each little slot it out by hand. I have put it through the dishwasher and it is still usable so it truly is dishwasher safe!

You don't just have to use this one sandwiches you can also use it on:

Check out more suggestions of what to use FunBites on and check out their other shapes at their Website, Facebook and Twitter! Also use freeshipnow to get free shipping for up to $10!

FunBites Website
FunBites Facebook
FunBites Twitter

Monday, August 26, 2013

I can't believe they did that...

So I was looking through all of the reviews and giveaways that I need to get up soon and I was trying to decide which would be the quickest and I decided that I would just put up a quick and funny post that I have been wanting to do and I am too tired to think hard enough to write a review so I thought this post would be a safe one to write at 10 pm!

I Forgot where I got these but I was looking at a website that showed company fails and these four I thought myself and you guys reading this post would most likely be able to relate to or think they were the funniest so here we go!

 This is a UK based toy where your baby's baby is pregnant with a baby. I guess the makers intentions was to show girls what pregnancy was about, well a few of the effects, but I don't think this is something I would ever buy Savannah. A couple of the doll's designs is that it has stretch marks and it's water breaks. Strange I know but I guess these are the toys they like over in the UK...

The next two go well with each other and apparently show where men still think women belong...

I don't know whether to be offended or to laugh at the phrase, "Get Back To The Job That Really Matters." Don't get me wrong I love Mr. Clean products especially the eraser but I don't think this job is more important than being a mother or a wife...

So my husband thought this one was very funny but jokes on him the toilet is his job so now I know what I am getting him for the next Father's day!

This is wrong and weird and I don't know what to say about it!

I'm sorry if this post was confusing at all or vague but I am so tired but I hope that at least one of the pictures above makes you laugh!

Let me know of any company fails that you know of in the comments!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 7, My zodiac sign and if it matches my personality!

So to tell everyone the truth I am only doing this one because it is on the list so I have to but I am not looking forward to it and that is probably why it has taken me so long to get it up on here. I think I am not excited about writing this post because it means I have to be open and honest about myself and sometimes that is hard because a lot of the time it is easier for me to see what I don't like about myself but I am in a pretty good mood right now so I thought it would be a perfect time to go at it! So here we go!

According to Aquarius traits are:
-modern individuals.
-Honest truth-seekers
-creative people
-popular people in their circles
-innumerable friends
-have many acquaintances, they may not be really close to anyone in particular
-detached and changeable.

If those traits match me:

 -I do think that I am inventive in some ways. I thought of making this blog and I put it together mostly on my own, my husband helped with the name of the blog.

-I would def. consider myself a modern individual! I love technology and the ease it brings to life and how it can bring us closer to family and friends to may be far away.

-I do consider myself very honest. I am not saying that I have not lied but I try my hardest all the time to tell the truth even if it is the hard thing to do. As for a truth-seeker I would think that we are all truth-seekers, we don't go out wanting people to lie to us.

-So for broad-minded I had an idea of what it meant but I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what it was so I looked up the definition and google said that it is "tolerant or liberal in one's views and reactions; not easily offended." Going off of this definition I would say that I aim to be broad-minded in all things but this is something that I struggle with. There are times when I know I will never be broad-minded like drugs and alcohol I will never be ok with this and so I am not ok with marijuana being legalized in Washington and other states but there are other areas of life that I am working on being broad-minded with like how people are free to do whatever they want and if it is not something that affects anyone negativley it shouldn't affect me and right now I can easily be offended by other people's actions even if they don't affect me so I am working on that.

-I do not think I am a very creative person. I like things to be straight forward and when I do projects or even cook I like having the directions right in front of me.

-I like to think that I am friendly because I try to be friendly to everyone. I do know that I might come across as not friendly if you have ever met me because I am quite and usually keep to myself but I am just shy.

 -Google's definition of gregarious is " fond of company; sociable." and this goes perfectly with the last one. I love to hang out with friends and I am working on being more sociable especially with the members in our new ward and I love the new friends I have made already but there are still days when I need my alone time and just need to stay in my apartment all day long in my pajamas. Being social has never been an easy thing for me and that is why I like blogging so much because I can write to everyone without actually having to worry about not knowing what to say and getting anxious. It is a silly thing to worry about but everyone struggles with something.

-I am candid sometimes. Like if I am clothes shopping with my sister I will tell her if something does not look good on her or if I see that one of my friends has spinach in their teeth I will tell them because I think it is better to maybe embarrass them for a second instead of letting them go out all day and find out later.

-I don't think I have ever been a popular person in any of my circle of friends, I am usually the follower in the group, another thing that happens because I am shy.

-I do have a lot of friends who are acquaintances because it is really hard for me to open up to people so I usually keep my distance but I do have a few really close friends who I love like siblings and I can't wait to have a best mom friend! I think it would be so much fun to have a really close friend who is a mom of young kids so we can connect on that level and then we can do crafts together. My mom had/has a friend like that, Brenda, and they have such a close relationship and that is something I can't wait to have!

-I can be detached sometimes and that is probably why I have so many friends who I talk to rarely. I also can be changeable. I do have things that have never changed like my favorite color has always been pink and I will always love my daughter and husband! But some things in the past that I have been known to change a lot with were my crushes when I was younger. I would like a new guy every week and then somehow I grew up during my first few months of college and found the guy I want to spend forever with!

 Ok so I think a lot of these traits don't really highlight the good that is in me but I wanted to be open and honest because that is the challenge! Let me know what your sign is and the traits that go along with them!  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chad's Carolina Corn Review and Giveaway! 8/17-8/24

I got the chance this past month to try all the different flavor's of popcorn from Chad's Carolina Corn and I was not disappointed!

There were 11 different flavors for myself and my family to try and they were:

-Buffalo Wing
-White Cheddar
-Salt and Vinegar
-Dill Pickle
-Pumpkin Pie
-Caramel Corn
-Mix (Caramel and White Cheddar)
-Dark Chocolate
-Jalapeno Cheddar
-Kettle Corn

This popcorn was delicious! My top flavors were, Buffalo Wing, White Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheddar and Kettle Corn. Out of the 11 flavors I only didn't like three of them and those were Dark Chocolate, Dill Pickle and Salt and Vinegar but just because I didn't like those flavors doesn't meant that they aren't good. My husband said that these three flavors were his favorite! I have never really been a big fan of any of those three flavors so it wasn't a shock that I wouldn't like them.

Each bag of popcorn is fluffy but still have a great crunch to them! I love how they have so many different flavors to choose from and how they have flavors that I would not have thought about putting on my popcorn like the Buffalo Wing which I loved!
Visit Chad's websites below to find out more about his popcorn! Also enter below for your chance to win 5 bags of popcorn with their choice of flavors!

Chad's Carolina Corn Website
Chad's Carolina Corn Facebook
Chad's Carolina Corn Twitter

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Child and Parent Hand Print Plaque Craft!

I am so excited! I have been wanting to post this for a long time but I knew that it was going to take a long time to type out so I have been putting it off but I just reached 1,000 followers which makes me so excited so I decided as a gift to my readers I would put this fun post up no matter how long it takes me to type!

So I first saw this craft on my cousin's blog and I thought it was so cute so I saved the link for later use because I knew I wanted to make it someday with Savannah. Then Father's day was coming up and I decided that instead of doing this craft for a mommy and me project I decided to do it as a father's day gift because I knew it would mean a lot to my husband but of course this can be done for any reason even just as a project.

Here is what you will need:

-2 or 3 Colors of Paint
-Modge Podge
-Small Paint Brush
-A Bigger Paint Brush
-Pencil Eraser
-Rolling Pin
-Something that is big and square

First you are going to make the plaque out of salt dough. 

Ingredients for Salt Dough:

-2 Cups Flour
-2 Cups Salt
-1 Cup Water

Directions for Salt Dough:

-Mix all of the ingredients together.
-If it is too sticky than add more flour and if it is too dry than add more water.

Now roll it out.

I rolled it out so that it would be big enough for me to fit my hand in it and still have room to add writing above it.

 Now try to find something that is big and square. I used a salad plate that I had in my cupboard. You are going to use this to cute the dough into a square so it needs to be big enough to fit your hand and writing.

An extra step that you can choose to do or not to do is to take a paint brush and dip it in water and brush the edges of your dough to make it smooth.

Next is the tricky part depending on how old the baby or child is that you are going to do this project with. When I did this I did it with my 5 month old daughter so I had my mom help me because I knew she would just try to squish the dough in her hand as soon as I put it down.

So first you will put your hand down into the dough. Do it hard enough so you can see your hand but not so hard that your child is going to push through the dough. Next help your child, if they are too young to do it on their own, put their hand print in the middle of your hand print. It should end up looking something like this:

Now Punch two holes in the top corners for where you are going to put the ribbon through, or you can put it on a stand if you prefer that, but make sure the holes go all the way through. Mine didn't but I was lucky that it was really thin and I could break through without ruining the whole thing.

Now you are going to bake it at 150 degrees for 3 hours. My cousin and I both bumped the heat up to 200 degrees for the last hour.

Now take it out and let it cool off. After it has cooled off brush modge podge over the top. I am not sure why you brush modge podge over the top here but I did and it didn't hurt it so why not?!?!

Now to my favorite part! First let the modge podge dry and then you can start painting. First paint the whole thing your base color. I chose cream.

Let that dry and then paint both the hands the color you want the big hand to be, I chose Pink!

Let that dry and then color your child's hand the color you want their hand to be, I did blue.

My daughter's hand was the hardest part to paint but I was able to make it look half way decent!

Now you are going to do the writing at the top with your small paint brush. I struggled with what I was going to write on the top for the whole week before I did it but I finally went with Daddy's Girls! You can obviously go with what ever you want like your child's name or Mommy and Me or anything you want!

After you have finished writing than you are going to go dot crazy! Take the pencil eraser and dip it in the paint and put dots all over! I put pink and blue dots all over!

Finally after all the paint has dried brush modge podge over the whole thing to make it glossy and shiny! Then tie the ribbon in it and hang it on a wall!

I was highly recommend giving this as a gift because my husband loved it and he said it was his favorite of all his gifts and he got some really good gifts but this one meant a lot to him!

Also head over to my cousin's blog to see how hers turned out!

I Love My Kid's Mommy and Me Plaque

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 6, 30 Interesting Facts About Myself

I tried to think of good facts so I hope they are good and interesting! Also let me know some interesting facts about you after you read the ones about me!

1. I love when it rains. I would be happy if it rained everyday!

2. My favorite Place to visit as a kid was my Grandparent's house in St George,UT even though the dry weather made me sick most times I went.

3. One of my worst habits is that I bite my nails but ever since I met Ryan I have gotten a lot better at not doing it but the last few months I have gotten into the habit of letting them grow out and then biting them right back off again!

4. My favorite Card Game is called grouch. My Grandma J taught it to me and now I am the undefeated champ but my cousin Brianna is right on my heels!

5. One of my dreams for Savannah is to own all of the Disney Movies and watch them all with her, especially the princess Disney movies!

6. I also want to own all of the Dr. Seuss books.

7. I have lived in 6 different States. (NJ, UT, CO, CT, ID, WA)

8. My husband and I will be married for 2 years in October and we have already lived in 3 states and 5 different houses/Apartments.

9. When I was in elementary school I wrote a paper on how my dream job was to be a mom and it is still my dream job!

10. Besides being a mom, ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be an elementary school teacher and now that is what I am studying in school.

11. In high school my dream job was to be the assistant to an editor of a magazine or a celebrity.

12. Before Ultimately Deciding be study elementary education I was deciding between that and accounting and wedding planning. I decided to go with elementary education after I did an internship at an elementary school during my free blocks my senior year.

13. My favorite school subject has always been math.

14. The Last few weeks I have been thinking about starting a shop on but first I have to decide what I want to make and sell.

15. I have my Associates degree from Brigham Young University Idaho and I am getting my Bachelor's degree from Western Governor's University.

16. My calling in church is the Den Leader and I am not quite sure if I am excited or scared.

17. My favorite Candy is extreme sour patch kids and peanut butter M&Ms but I love most candy!

18.I am addicted to watching tv series on Netflix. Currently I am watching Grey's Anatomy.

19. I didn't learn to ride a two wheeled bike until I was 10 or 11 and I only learned because my younger sister was learning how to ride her bike!

20.  I will not watch scary movies which stinks for my husband because those are his favorite kind of movies.

21. I rarely wear makeup, maybe like once a week on Sunday for church.

22. I love the states Montanna, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. I would love to live in anyone of them one day!

23. La Neige is my favorite French word!

24. Right now my favorite singer is Carrie Underwood!

25. I play the Flute.

26. I have never drunken alcohol or coffee and I don't plan to ever drink any.

27. My favorite Book series is the Harry Potter series and I plan on reading them to/with my kids as they grow up.

28. My favorite meal that I can make is the shrimp scampi recipe from my blog!

29. If I had been told a year ago or even 6 months ago that I would be living in Waterbury than I would not have believed it!

30. I am watching the James Bond movies with my husband on Amazon Prime and so far my favorite Bond is Sean Connery.

Ok well there are my 30 facts! I hope they were interesting enough! Let me know some facts about you in the comments!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

PampersKandoo Review and Giveaway! 6/11/-6/18

This was a little bit harder of a review for me to do because these items are made for children who are 2 years and older and potty training but I do have a few opinions about the products that I can share now. The 2-in-1 shampoo that I received was in the funny berry scent and it smells fantastic! I am going to save this for sure for when Savannah is 2 and can use to and she will be the best smelling girl around! The shampoo also comes in a push bottle which will be easy for Savannah is use and it is great for storage because you can push it down and twist it closed.

Along with the shampoo I got a package of flushable wipes. To be honest I have not used them but I have opened the package and they are very soft and they are unscented so they smell fine. I could easily see how they would help during potty training because they would help with their wiping and not using up a bunch of toilet paper.

More information on PampersKandoo:
 -They have multiple products including the 2-in-1 shampoo, flushable wipes, hand sanitizer, hand soap, detangler, bubble bath and body wash.
-You can find their products at Target, Kroeger, and Riteaid. They are also on, and

PampersKandoo Website
PampersKandoo Twitter
PampersKandoo Facebook

Enter below to win 1 pack of 42 count Kandoo wipes and (1) Kandoo Hand Sanitizer or Kandoo Hand Soap.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Boogie Wipes Review and Giveaway! 6/11-6/18

I recently started feeding my 5 month old rice cereal and some baby food but one problem I always had was that she ALWAYS makes a huge mess on her face. It was a pain though to clean her up after every feeding because I couldn't just wipe the food off of her face with a burp cloth because it was too sticky so I would have to get a wet wash cloth and hope while I was getting one she didn't touch her face and then touch everything else around her making an even bigger mess. If I didn't get a wash cloth I would have to put her in a bath which is silly to have to bath my daughter every time I feed her these foods which is about twice a day.

This is why I was so excited to do a review for boogie wipes! They are wipes made for your child's face so they do not have harmful chemicals. They were originally made to wipe the boogies off your child's face so they are made with natural saline to dissolve the boogies. I mostly use them as a way to clean Savannah up after I feed her because I can set them right next to me and then they are right there when I need them. I have used them a couple times to clean out her nose and they worked well.

I received two of their scents which were unscented and grape. I prefer the unscented because the grape smells too much like medicine to me but I have used them and they aren't too bad. They are available in most stores like Target and Walmart and they are priced very well, you can get a 90 ct. for only $8.99 at Target!

I really like this product and when my supply has run out I will be restocking!

 Savannah loves the Boogie Wipes too!

More information on Boogie Wipes:
-You can get them in either 10 ct, 30 ct, 45 ct or 90 ct
-They also have Blasters which are also boogie wipes that are boogieberry scented.
-Coming soon they will have Cotton Candy scented Boogie Blasters.  Boogie Mist – saline mist with a twist!
-They also have teacher kits! These kits contains 2 – 90 count canisters (1 Grape, 1 Fresh), 2 – 30 count packs (Grape, Fresh), 1 classroom poster, 50 samples, and 50 Boogie coupons.  It is available, exclusively, for schools, daycares, and professional facilities. 
Boogie Wipes Website
Boogie Wipes Facebook
Boogie Wipes Twitter
 Teacher kits

Enter below for your chance to win 2 packs of 30-count wipes (fresh, grape, menthol, or unscented– combination varies).
The giveaway is open to US, Canada, and Australia.
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Newman's Own Organics Review and Giveaway! 6/19-6/26

I was so excited when I found out I was going to be doing a review and giveaway with Newmans Own Organics! They are a great company! Do you want to know how great they are?

They gave me all of this food to review, that's how awesome they are!

Organic food is great and a new big thing nowadays but I personally think that it is hard to find organic snack foods that taste good. I did not have a problem with these snacks. Of course I did not like every single one of these snacks.

Snacks I liked:
Cinnamon Graham Cookies (Alphabet Cookies)
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (Family Recipes cookies)
Pomegranate Licorice
Black Licorice
Unsalted Pretzel Rounds
Pretzel Rounds
Hint-O-Mint (Newman-O's)

Snacks I did not like:
Sour Strawberry Licorice (My husband liked these, I know because he ate the whole bag!)
Sour Cherry Licorice (He also ate all of these)
Super dark chocolate cups both peanut butter filled and raspberry filled
Ginger and Cinnamon Mints
Mocha Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Creme  (Newman-O's) (The primary class that I subbed for on Sunday liked these)

So I guess I will explain why I didn't like a few of these snacks. Sometimes I can be a picky eater but my husband has helped me break out of that shell so I tried everything from Newmans Own Organic even if I thought I was not going to like it. I didn't like the sour licorice because it wasn't sour. I love sour things so I was a little disappointed when I found out that they were not sour. Raisins I only like is they are dry but most of the time when they are in a bag they are slimy and thats how these were.

For the super dark chocolate cups I would have loved if they had been milk chocolate because I am not a fan of dark chocolate so anyone who likes dark chocolate would love these, my husband tried them and he liked them a lot. So I feel like Ginger is becoming a more popular flavor these days but I am not a fan so that is why I didn't like the ginger mints or the ginger-o's. Finally I didn't like the mocha milk chocolate because I do not like coffee so anyone who likes coffee will like this.

I do not want you to get discouraged because of the snacks I did not like because there were still a lot of snacks that I did like! My top four snacks were the double chocolate chip cookes, Pompegranate licorice, pretzel rods and the hint-o-mint Newman-O's. Yum these were all so delicious! Personally I am going to buy some more double chocolate chip cookies because those were my all time favorite!

Newman's Own Organics Website
Newman's Own Organics Facebook

Newman's Own Organics has agreed to do a giveaway for my readers to give away my four favorite snacks! To remind you of those again they are:
Double Chocolate Chip (Family Recipe Cookies)
Pomegranate Licorice
Pretzel Rods
Hint-O-Mint Newman-O's

I know the winner is going to love these too and don't forget to stop by your closest organic food store to get some of your own Newman's Own Organics snacks!

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Zevia Review and Giveaway! 6/19-6/26

I love love love soda so I was super excited when I got my six pack of Zevia soda in the mail to review! The flavors I got were strawberry, orange, lime cola, grape, ginger root beer, and cream soda.

Zevia is not made with all the syrups and sugars that normal sodas are made from they are made with a sweetner called stevia. Stevia is a plant that is sweet. The CEO of Zevia is very adamant about his product being a soda that you can drink everyday and still live a healthy lifestyle. On their site it says "Extensive studies have shown that Reb-A (Stevia Extract) does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels." That is pretty cool!

My experience with Zevia was a mixed one. I really liked a few of the flavors but a few of them were not for me. When I noticed right away was that Zevia has a very distinct after taste that is one that you would have to get used to if you were to drink these everyday. In a couple of the sodas, like grape and cream soda, the after taste was much stronger but in the lime cola soda especially the after taste was barley there.

If I were to drink Zevia again, which I probably will, I would go for the lime cola. It was my all time favorite. Following that I liked the orange, then the strawberry, then the cream soda, ginger root beer and finally the grape. I am not a big grape or ginger fan so my opinion on those two sodas are a little biased towards that.

Zevia Website
Zevia Facebook
Zevia Twitter

FIVE! Lucky readers will win their very own 6 pack of Zevia soda! Enter below and let your friends know about this awesome giveaway! Also don't forget to check out where you can buy Zevia, usually grocery stores near you, or online!!

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Designs By Marlo Review and Giveaway! 6/26-7/3

Designs by Marlo is a perfect stop for beautiful headbands, barfoot sandals and tutus for your baby or little girl! I got the opportunity to get a headband and barefoot sandals from Marlo for Savannah and we loved them. Here are some pictures!

I have not been a big fan of the skinny headbands because they are usually too small, maybe Savannah just has a big head, but when I got this one it fit her perfectly and did not leave a red mark around her head. Marlo gave me about 50 different colored flowers to choose from and I loved them all it was such a hard decision to make! I did eventually choose the Birthday Dots bow which is what Savannah is wearing above and it matched perfectly with the new dress that her Grandma got her! I also chose it because it will go with a lot since it has so many colors in it.

Savannah does not like shoes, she is always kicking them off and it is a constant battle that she always wins! It was not this way with the barefoot sandals. They were easy to put on and I she liked looking and playing with them but they did not come off so we both won!

Marlo's Etsy Shop
Marlo's Facebook
Marlo's Twitter

Marlo has agreed to do a giveaway for one of my readers to win their own headband and barefoot sandals for a baby or little girl! You will also get to choose which design you want for the flower! Enter below for your chance to win!

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