Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 7, My zodiac sign and if it matches my personality!

So to tell everyone the truth I am only doing this one because it is on the list so I have to but I am not looking forward to it and that is probably why it has taken me so long to get it up on here. I think I am not excited about writing this post because it means I have to be open and honest about myself and sometimes that is hard because a lot of the time it is easier for me to see what I don't like about myself but I am in a pretty good mood right now so I thought it would be a perfect time to go at it! So here we go!

According to Aquarius traits are:
-modern individuals.
-Honest truth-seekers
-creative people
-popular people in their circles
-innumerable friends
-have many acquaintances, they may not be really close to anyone in particular
-detached and changeable.

If those traits match me:

 -I do think that I am inventive in some ways. I thought of making this blog and I put it together mostly on my own, my husband helped with the name of the blog.

-I would def. consider myself a modern individual! I love technology and the ease it brings to life and how it can bring us closer to family and friends to may be far away.

-I do consider myself very honest. I am not saying that I have not lied but I try my hardest all the time to tell the truth even if it is the hard thing to do. As for a truth-seeker I would think that we are all truth-seekers, we don't go out wanting people to lie to us.

-So for broad-minded I had an idea of what it meant but I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what it was so I looked up the definition and google said that it is "tolerant or liberal in one's views and reactions; not easily offended." Going off of this definition I would say that I aim to be broad-minded in all things but this is something that I struggle with. There are times when I know I will never be broad-minded like drugs and alcohol I will never be ok with this and so I am not ok with marijuana being legalized in Washington and other states but there are other areas of life that I am working on being broad-minded with like how people are free to do whatever they want and if it is not something that affects anyone negativley it shouldn't affect me and right now I can easily be offended by other people's actions even if they don't affect me so I am working on that.

-I do not think I am a very creative person. I like things to be straight forward and when I do projects or even cook I like having the directions right in front of me.

-I like to think that I am friendly because I try to be friendly to everyone. I do know that I might come across as not friendly if you have ever met me because I am quite and usually keep to myself but I am just shy.

 -Google's definition of gregarious is " fond of company; sociable." and this goes perfectly with the last one. I love to hang out with friends and I am working on being more sociable especially with the members in our new ward and I love the new friends I have made already but there are still days when I need my alone time and just need to stay in my apartment all day long in my pajamas. Being social has never been an easy thing for me and that is why I like blogging so much because I can write to everyone without actually having to worry about not knowing what to say and getting anxious. It is a silly thing to worry about but everyone struggles with something.

-I am candid sometimes. Like if I am clothes shopping with my sister I will tell her if something does not look good on her or if I see that one of my friends has spinach in their teeth I will tell them because I think it is better to maybe embarrass them for a second instead of letting them go out all day and find out later.

-I don't think I have ever been a popular person in any of my circle of friends, I am usually the follower in the group, another thing that happens because I am shy.

-I do have a lot of friends who are acquaintances because it is really hard for me to open up to people so I usually keep my distance but I do have a few really close friends who I love like siblings and I can't wait to have a best mom friend! I think it would be so much fun to have a really close friend who is a mom of young kids so we can connect on that level and then we can do crafts together. My mom had/has a friend like that, Brenda, and they have such a close relationship and that is something I can't wait to have!

-I can be detached sometimes and that is probably why I have so many friends who I talk to rarely. I also can be changeable. I do have things that have never changed like my favorite color has always been pink and I will always love my daughter and husband! But some things in the past that I have been known to change a lot with were my crushes when I was younger. I would like a new guy every week and then somehow I grew up during my first few months of college and found the guy I want to spend forever with!

 Ok so I think a lot of these traits don't really highlight the good that is in me but I wanted to be open and honest because that is the challenge! Let me know what your sign is and the traits that go along with them!  

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