Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 6, 30 Interesting Facts About Myself

I tried to think of good facts so I hope they are good and interesting! Also let me know some interesting facts about you after you read the ones about me!

1. I love when it rains. I would be happy if it rained everyday!

2. My favorite Place to visit as a kid was my Grandparent's house in St George,UT even though the dry weather made me sick most times I went.

3. One of my worst habits is that I bite my nails but ever since I met Ryan I have gotten a lot better at not doing it but the last few months I have gotten into the habit of letting them grow out and then biting them right back off again!

4. My favorite Card Game is called grouch. My Grandma J taught it to me and now I am the undefeated champ but my cousin Brianna is right on my heels!

5. One of my dreams for Savannah is to own all of the Disney Movies and watch them all with her, especially the princess Disney movies!

6. I also want to own all of the Dr. Seuss books.

7. I have lived in 6 different States. (NJ, UT, CO, CT, ID, WA)

8. My husband and I will be married for 2 years in October and we have already lived in 3 states and 5 different houses/Apartments.

9. When I was in elementary school I wrote a paper on how my dream job was to be a mom and it is still my dream job!

10. Besides being a mom, ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be an elementary school teacher and now that is what I am studying in school.

11. In high school my dream job was to be the assistant to an editor of a magazine or a celebrity.

12. Before Ultimately Deciding be study elementary education I was deciding between that and accounting and wedding planning. I decided to go with elementary education after I did an internship at an elementary school during my free blocks my senior year.

13. My favorite school subject has always been math.

14. The Last few weeks I have been thinking about starting a shop on but first I have to decide what I want to make and sell.

15. I have my Associates degree from Brigham Young University Idaho and I am getting my Bachelor's degree from Western Governor's University.

16. My calling in church is the Den Leader and I am not quite sure if I am excited or scared.

17. My favorite Candy is extreme sour patch kids and peanut butter M&Ms but I love most candy!

18.I am addicted to watching tv series on Netflix. Currently I am watching Grey's Anatomy.

19. I didn't learn to ride a two wheeled bike until I was 10 or 11 and I only learned because my younger sister was learning how to ride her bike!

20.  I will not watch scary movies which stinks for my husband because those are his favorite kind of movies.

21. I rarely wear makeup, maybe like once a week on Sunday for church.

22. I love the states Montanna, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. I would love to live in anyone of them one day!

23. La Neige is my favorite French word!

24. Right now my favorite singer is Carrie Underwood!

25. I play the Flute.

26. I have never drunken alcohol or coffee and I don't plan to ever drink any.

27. My favorite Book series is the Harry Potter series and I plan on reading them to/with my kids as they grow up.

28. My favorite meal that I can make is the shrimp scampi recipe from my blog!

29. If I had been told a year ago or even 6 months ago that I would be living in Waterbury than I would not have believed it!

30. I am watching the James Bond movies with my husband on Amazon Prime and so far my favorite Bond is Sean Connery.

Ok well there are my 30 facts! I hope they were interesting enough! Let me know some facts about you in the comments!


  1. It is so much fun sharing your favorite books with your kids. My girls are just getting old enough for some of my favorites: Harry Potter, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, Wizard of Oz, Princess Acedemy and lots of others.

    Cub scouts really isn't as scary as you think.

  2. Loved this. Fact about me...I LOVE MY SISTER! =)

  3. Loved this. Fact about me...I LOVE MY SISTER! =)