Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Newman's Own Organics Review and Giveaway! 6/19-6/26

I was so excited when I found out I was going to be doing a review and giveaway with Newmans Own Organics! They are a great company! Do you want to know how great they are?

They gave me all of this food to review, that's how awesome they are!

Organic food is great and a new big thing nowadays but I personally think that it is hard to find organic snack foods that taste good. I did not have a problem with these snacks. Of course I did not like every single one of these snacks.

Snacks I liked:
Cinnamon Graham Cookies (Alphabet Cookies)
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (Family Recipes cookies)
Pomegranate Licorice
Black Licorice
Unsalted Pretzel Rounds
Pretzel Rounds
Hint-O-Mint (Newman-O's)

Snacks I did not like:
Sour Strawberry Licorice (My husband liked these, I know because he ate the whole bag!)
Sour Cherry Licorice (He also ate all of these)
Super dark chocolate cups both peanut butter filled and raspberry filled
Ginger and Cinnamon Mints
Mocha Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Creme  (Newman-O's) (The primary class that I subbed for on Sunday liked these)

So I guess I will explain why I didn't like a few of these snacks. Sometimes I can be a picky eater but my husband has helped me break out of that shell so I tried everything from Newmans Own Organic even if I thought I was not going to like it. I didn't like the sour licorice because it wasn't sour. I love sour things so I was a little disappointed when I found out that they were not sour. Raisins I only like is they are dry but most of the time when they are in a bag they are slimy and thats how these were.

For the super dark chocolate cups I would have loved if they had been milk chocolate because I am not a fan of dark chocolate so anyone who likes dark chocolate would love these, my husband tried them and he liked them a lot. So I feel like Ginger is becoming a more popular flavor these days but I am not a fan so that is why I didn't like the ginger mints or the ginger-o's. Finally I didn't like the mocha milk chocolate because I do not like coffee so anyone who likes coffee will like this.

I do not want you to get discouraged because of the snacks I did not like because there were still a lot of snacks that I did like! My top four snacks were the double chocolate chip cookes, Pompegranate licorice, pretzel rods and the hint-o-mint Newman-O's. Yum these were all so delicious! Personally I am going to buy some more double chocolate chip cookies because those were my all time favorite!

Newman's Own Organics Website
Newman's Own Organics Facebook

Newman's Own Organics has agreed to do a giveaway for my readers to give away my four favorite snacks! To remind you of those again they are:
Double Chocolate Chip (Family Recipe Cookies)
Pomegranate Licorice
Pretzel Rods
Hint-O-Mint Newman-O's

I know the winner is going to love these too and don't forget to stop by your closest organic food store to get some of your own Newman's Own Organics snacks!

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  1. Here's some yummy snacks I've really wanted to try.Thank you :)