Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 5, Share Old Photos of Yourself

 So I went through my facebook pictures and picked out some of my favorite of my older pictures but I couldn't narrow it down further than these ones so I'm sorry there are so many!!
 This is me and my band friends, yes I was in my high school band. I played the flute and I am so happy I had this experience of being in the band! I have lots of good memories!
This is my really good friend from church Jasmin! We dressed up for the Stake Halloween dance together as Raggedy Ann dolls!
I loved girls camp every year I went and this year above was the 4th year when we did our over night hike and it was hard but a lot of fun and totally worth it! The girls above were and are like family to me!

This is me when I was 3 or 4 on Halloween and yes I was boy crazy then! Now I am only crazy for one guy though =)

This is me as a baby, when I saw this picture again I couldn't believe how much this looked like Savannah!

Jesse McCartney!

Me, My uncle Aaron and my sister!

One of my senior pictures!


My prom date, well I guess I was his prom date cause I went to his prom, he was a really good friend and I am glad I got to go to a prom with a friend! We had so much fun that night!

Family pictures and Family Love!

I can not believe that this picture is from 2006! Tricia has been my friend for so long and I am so happy that we got put next to each other in the Washington DC picture when we met and started to become friends!

My brother looks so little here. He is growing up so fast! I am so proud of the man he is becoming!

Tricia and I had so many fan girl adventures during high school! I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to go to all these concerts with!

My dad and I at my sweet 16! I love my dad and I am so lucky that I get to have him in my life forever!

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