Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CM Candle Works Review

So as I told everyone before I love love love candles so I was super excited to get my CM Candle Works candle in the mail and what made it even better was that it was blueberry cheesecake scented! Then when I got it in the mail I also got some of their candle melts and it's scent is cotton candy and it smells delicious!

My first impressions of the products that I received was that I liked the colors and I would be happy to put these out in my home for everyone to see. Next I smelt them and the cotton candy was heavenly! So good that I could almost eat it but I didn't because I am sure it doesn't taste too good. Then I smelt the Blueberry Cheesecake and it didn't smell as good as I thought it was going to smell but after I lit it the scent really came out and it made my house smell wonderful!

I wish so badly right now that computers had a way to send smells because if it did I would send you the scent of this candle and you would be going over to their shop right now to get your own!

So besides smelling amazing CM Candle Works only sells soy candles which has great benefits for the environment and for the health of anyone who is around the candle. Soy candles are a lot safer than candles that use synthetic fragrances. Also each candle is hand poured which is great to know because not a lot of products these days are hand made so it is nice to know that something we have was made with time and patience.

So head over to their shop today and buy yourself a CM Candle Works candle and fill your house with delicious scents!

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