Thursday, July 11, 2013

RW Garcia Review!

RW Garcia sent me 5 bags of their chips to try for this review. The kinds of chips I got were:

-Veggie Dippers
-Curry & Mango Dippers
-Blue Corn Chips
-Yellow & Blue Mixtbag
-Red & Yellow Mixtbag

I am so glad I did this review because I now have a new favorite kind of chip!
On their site it says, "RW Garcia makes delicious, all-natural tortilla chips and gluten free crackers. Great for dipping or eating right out of the bag, our chips and crackers are made from the finest ingredients and come in a wide variety of gourmet flavors." They are right though these are delicious!

The first ones my husband and I tried were the curry and mango dippers which I was skeptical about at first because I don't like mangos but I tried the chips and they were so good. I think the whole bag was gone only 10 minutes later! They were spicy and sweet.

The ate the veggie dippers and blue corn chips in a spicy yogurt dip from Costco and they were so good, each colored chip has a little bit of it's own flavor which added nicely to the flavor of the dip.

Then there are the Yellow and Blue and the Red and Yellow Mixtbags which are like most tortilla chips but of course all-natural. I used these one day last week for dinner in a taco salad!

These chips are delicious and I don't think I will ever eat a Santita chip ever again!

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