Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 12, Bullet My Whole Day

September 30, 2013
  • Woke up at 7:15 am but thought it was earlier so I laid in my bed for a few minutes waiting for my husband to come in and kiss me good bye before he left for work but then I noticed his phone was gone so I got up and saw that he had been gone for 30 minutes already.
  • I went on the computer because I didn't hear Savannah so I thought she was sleeping but I pulled up the link to the camera and she was awake.
  • I went in to her bedroom and her diaper had EXPLODED! She was covered in pee and those little pellets from her diaper... it was disgusting! 
  • I gave her a bath.
  • After her bath I got her dressed and let her play while I cleaned her crib, the worst job ever after her diaper explodes because those pellets are so hard to clean up!
  • Then I fed her green beans for breakfast and put on my little pony while I played with her (that is her favorite show!).
  • I also ate breakfast but I ate Honey Nut Cheerios and milk.
  • Then at 8:30 I put Savannah down for a nap number one.
  • Then I posted 3 giveaways that I am helping with.
  • Then I posted a 30 day challenge post.
  • Then wrote another 30 day challenge post.
  • Then I started writing this while I watched the season 10 episode 1 of Grey's Anatomy.
  • I emptied the bottom half of the dish washer while I heated up my linch in the microwave.
  • Then I ate chicken parmesan while I watched the rest of the Grey's Anatomy episode.
  • I played Bingo Bash after I finished eating and while I finished the episode.
  • Then at about 11:30 Savannah woke up and I got her and put her down to play while I finished emptying the dish washer.
  • I vacuumed and picked up the main rooms. 
  • I loaded the dish washer.
  • I put away clean dishes that were on the counter from being hand washed.
  • I hand washed dishes
  • I washed bottles.
  • I played with Savannah
  • Then Put her down for her second nap at 1:30.
  • Then I cleaned the counters
  • Made oatmeal cookies with wheat germ! Recipe will be posted soon!
  • Savannah woke up from her 10 minute nap!
  • We took a shower and I got dressed.
  • I tasted some cookies and they were delicious!
  • Waited for Ryan to come home and then went to my 90 minutes massage thanks to Ryan and my mother in law Dena! 
  • Enjoyed my hour and a half off for relaxation and it was amazing!
  • Got picked up by my dad and went to my parents house (they kindly watched Savannah so I could get my massage and so Ryan could go back to work)
  • Hung out with my poor wisdomless sister... I mean wisdom toothless sister, and my dad, brother and mom while I waited for Ryan to pick Savannah and I up.
  • Right when Ryan got there we ate dinner, burgers with mashed potatoes and gravy, and then went home.
  • We put Savannah down but then I remembered that she only had 3 diapers left so I went to Walmart to get a new box of diapers.
  • Then I came home and we went to bed but the computer wouldn't turn off so I decided to play facebook games for 20 minutes before turning the computer off and then I went to bed.
  • Then apparently during the night I sat up and yelled that there were snakes in the bed and then got up and walked out of the room and came back and laid down but I don't remember this! 
This was my Monday September 30th! It was a busy but good day!


  1. That is quite a day! Remember: you are doing the most important job in the whole world!

    1. It is such an important job and that's how I keep myself sane is by reminding myself of that everyday.

  2. Ashly, you reminded me of the days when my first child was still a baby. Wait until there is a brother or a sister. If you need the massage now, then wait until they are two and you will really, really, really, need that massage, everyday :) Enjoy Savanah, she'll grow up so fast you'll remember September 30th, 2013 as if it were yesterday.

    1. I just had another baby, a little brother for Savannah, and she now seems like she is a grown up especially compared to her brother!