Monday, October 14, 2013

A Journey Through The Last Two Years!

Today October 14, 2013 is my husband and my 2 year wedding anniversary! To celebrate this day I thought I would put up a post to share with everyone what our relationship has been like through these last two years with pictures.

Some wedding pictures:

He still loves me even though I smashed cake in his face twice within two weeks of being married!

Honeymoon picture: (we went on a cruise to the Caribbean)

We survived a trip across the country in a car together! We drove from Idaho to Connecticut.

He survived a pregnancy with me!

And he was next to me during labor! I couldn't have made it through it without him!

Then there were three!

I loved him even more when I saw the amazing father he was to our new beautiful daughter!

Now we get to how we are today! 2 years later and one person added! I couldn't imagine being happier than I am today with my wonderful husband and our daughter! It has been the best 2 years in my life!