Saturday, March 30, 2013

T-shirt Transformation

So pretty much this blog has and will be motivation for me to actually do the things I pin to my boards on pintrest and so far I have done a few things but there are hundreds more to go! Today’s craft didn’t go as well as I thought it was going to go but I think that the reason for that is because of the kind of t-shirt I used, it was kind of frumpy and old, but I got an idea for what it should look like and if I had used a better t-shirt than the end result would have been something I would actually wear. Well here is my failed attempt at a cute t-shirt transformation!
This is a good project to mess up because it only requires 3 things and one of them can be used over and over again.
You will need:
An old men’s t-shirt
Scissors (I used sewing scissors and I would recommend using those also it makes it a lot easier a it makes it go a lot faster.)
First cut off the arms.
Next cut off the neck.
Next cut a big half circle/oval out of the bottom of the shirt starting at one corner and ending at the other corner.
This is what your shirt should now look like after those three steps, well something like this!
This part was a little hard to take a picture of to let you know what I was doing exactly but hopefully you can see what I did and if not I will try to explain. For this step you should put your hands through the sleeves like you are hanging the shirt in your hands. Next you are going to take the back of each sleeve and pull them together and wrap the ribbon around them.
If I made any sense at all before than you should have something that looks like this, well hopefully better than this but if not it’s ok I need practice too!
Thanks for reading my post, if you try this let my know by commenting below!
Here is a cute new picture of my baby girl! I love her so much!!

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