Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Blog "The Blegen Bunch"

I am so excited that I finally started a blog. The whole time I was pregnant I kept telling myself that I needed to start a blog about my pregnancy. As I came to the end of my pregnancy I realized my time was up for a pregnancy blog so I started thinking of starting up a baby blog where I would talk about Savannah and all the questions I had and adventures I would go through with her. That idea has been running through my mind for the last couple of months but I couldn’t ever figure out how to organize all my ideas into one blog.I finally decided that the blog for me would be one that would encourage me to learn new recipes and crafts but also be a place where I could update people with what is going on in the Blegen world and that is how “The Blegen Bunch” was born.

I am hoping to make one new recipe a week from Pintrest and then post the results here. Also I am going to look up some of the crafts I have pinned and share those successes and fails with you also. I can’t wait to start learning and sharing.

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