Monday, September 16, 2013

Petite Lemon Review and Giveaway! 9/17-9/24

With a little baby in the house we have been experiencing and tracking many milestones. Right now Savannah can crawl, pull herself up, sit up on her own, say dada and uh-oh. Another exciting part of having a baby in your home is watching them grow and I love to keep track of that also! She has gained over 10 pounds since she was born and she has grown about 5 inches.

The way that we have started keeping track of Savannah's height is with our new Petite Lemon Growth Chart. They have so many different charts to choose from with different designs and even ones that you can insert their picture in. I love our Petite Lemon growth chart, it is adorable and perfect for Savannah's room!

I chose the All About Love growth chart which includes a picture of my choice! All of the growth charts also have a spot for your child's name right at the top! Also a really great part about this growth chart is the material it is made of. It is not made of paper it is made of canvas paper, or you can buy a less expensive one made of poster paper but I would highly recommend getting one made out of canvas it feel very durable and I know it will last a very long time!

Using this growth chart was a little hard with a squirmy 8 month old who can't stand on her own yet but my husband and I managed to get her to stand still long enough and straight enough to take a picture and mark her height.

 As you can see above I just used a marker to mark where her height was and then I wrote in the date!

Check out their websites and other items! 

Also my contact from Petite Lemon has agreed to do a giveaway with The Blegen Bunch for a $25 gift card to Petite Lemon! Enter below for your chance to win!
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    1. I forgot to attach the rafflecopter but it is up now! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I would get the butterfly kisses in pixie purple! It matches my nursery theme! Thanks again!

  3. The giraffe one is cute but the ladybug one would match my daughters room.

  4. The giraffe one is cute but the ladybug one would match my daughters room.

  5. Woodland Fun is adorable for a growth chart!

  6. I would get the giraffe one :D It's adorable!!

  7. Butterfly kisses in pixie purple would match my nieces room

  8. I would probably get the preppy pendant growth chart!