Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 10, My First Love and First Kiss

This one I think is going to be a lot of repeat of the my current relationship post because Ryan was my first love and my first kiss but I will try and branch out a little bit and talk about some other things too!

This story is about me so here is a picture so you can picture me during it all!

So I guess where I will start is my long history of thinking I loved lots of boys but I was just boy crazy my whole life and now I am only crazy for one boy!

I had my first boyfriend in 5th grade, if you can really count it as being a real relationship, we were more like really good friends because we didn't even hold hands but we spent all day at school together. His name was Ryan Crowder, I must like this name or something, and he asked me to be his girlfriend the very first day of school even thought he was new and I had never met him. Well actually during recess he had my neighbor come up to me and ask me to be his girlfriend for him because he was too nervous or something and I said no because I didn't even know him but if we got to know each other better than I would think about it!

I don't remember every detail but eventually I did agree to be his girlfriend. During that year we passed notes during class, we got in a trouble a few times, I remember because we were in the same class and our teacher had been my favorite teacher so far and when he caught us passing notes he sent me out into the hall and I cried because my favorite teacher had punished me but when he came out into the hall to tell me to come back in he saw me crying and he felt so bad! Another fun thing about my first relationship was that it was the first valentines day that I had ever gotten a gift from a boyfriend and it was super cute! He got me some chocolates and a stuffed animal and I had a lot of fun teasing him for being so romantic.

This relationship lasted almost the whole year and it probably would have lasted all through middle school but as I said before I was boy crazy and that is how our cute elementary school relationship came to an end. One day our class was rewarded with extra recess time so Ryan and I went over and we were playing tether ball, I was the best in all of the school btw, and this boy named David came up and stood in line to play, he was the only one in line. So I won, obviously since I was the best, and I got to stay and so David would be playing me. As Ryan was walking away though I think he knew what was going to happen because he looked at me and said something about how he was mad at me or something but I was really confused because I had not done anything...yet. Well David and I started to play tether ball and while we were playing David started telling me how he had liked me ever since Kindergarten and how he wanted me to be his girlfriend and even though I already had a boyfriend I said yes to David and broke it off with Ryan, my boyfriend of almost a whole school year. It was because I thought David was really cute.

Yes I know looking back on it now I can see how rude I was and how I probably broke Ryan's heart but I was a selfish little boy crazy girl and don't worry I paid for it too. About a week later our class was watching a movie and I sat over by David but I had to run an errand for my teacher. When I was on my way back to the class one of David's friends came up to me and told me that David was breaking up with me! Then as I walked back into the classroom I saw him next to Jen! She had stolen my boyfriend from me and we had only been dating, and when I say dating I mean hanging out at school, for only a week!

I was super bummed but oh well how much can you cry over a week long relationship? School ended soon after that and during the summer I went to one of my best friend's birthday parties, his name was Ryan Parks, I know another Ryan! Well Ryan P and I had been friends ever since I could remember, well probably since Kindergarten. I had been to all of his birthday parties and we hung out all the time so it was no surprise that I was invited to this party. I did notice though that he had been acting strange all day. One thing we did during the party was make the bounce house wall collapse by jumping into it and when you did that you would get stuck so Ryan would try every time to help me up but my friend Victoria would push him out of the way and help me instead. It doesn't sound that strange I guess but just the way he was doing it was not how he normally acted towards me so I knew something was up. Well at the end of the party when everyone had left except for Victoria and I Ryan came up to me and asked if we could talk in his play house alone. I said yes and up in his play house he asked me to be his girlfriend.

He was already one of my best friends so why shouldn't I let him be my boyfriend? Well we didn't see each other for the rest of the summer until the first day of school. I had told a few of my friends that we were BF and GF and guess what he did? He denied the whole thing! I was mad at him for about a day and we were back to being best buds!

Well I still had a crush on David and one day my friend Anna and I, we walked home together everyday, walked home with David and his sister. Anna was friends with his sister and so they were walking and talking and I decided to walk and talk with David. All I remember from our conversation though was me asking him if he regretted breaking up with me for Jen and he said yes and then we got back together for another whole week. This time he broke up with me again but it was my fault because I was so nervous to hang out with him or even talk to him that I would pretty much ignore him in the halls in school so he broke up with me with a note.

Soon after that though Ryan Crowder and I were back together and that relationship went on and off for about a year and a half. Then I moved to Connecticut, before I had been living in Colorado. In Connecticut I think I had a crush on every boy! I had one boyfriend for about a week but I broke up with him because my friends didn't like him very much. Then I didn't have any boyfriends until Ryan but I had a couple crushes who I went on dates with one of them I even held hands with, my first hand holding ever!

Of course I thought all of these boys I loved and maybe I did love one or two of them but not as much as I know I love Ryan Blegen! He was my first and last kiss and he is my dream guy! Our kiss was very romantic... haha not really but I thought it was amazing! It was a little slobbery, from him not me, and he thought I was running away from him, we were on a couch and I was on the inside and he leaned in and I sunk into the couch, but I loved every second of it especially the man it was with!

Ryan Blegen will always be my first true love and I am so happy about that!

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