Monday, February 24, 2014

We Moved!

Hey! I feel like it has been way too long since I have posted anything to my blog, I was getting in such a good habit of posting everyday and then all of a sudden life caught up with me and I can't seem to ever find the time to post but I have a lot of saved up content, mostly recipes, to post in the upcoming months.

The purpose of this blog post is to update my family and friends on some recent news. Ryan, Savannah have moved from Waterbury,CT to Alpharetta,GA. It was sudden and it has been a bit change but we are all excited.

My husband had been working for Macy's for about a year 1/2 and about 6 months ago he started applying to new jobs because he is going to be graduating soon and he knew he did not want to stay with Macys permanently so the sooner he could get a new job with another company the better. He first found a job in Sandy,UT with Etrade doing something he knew he would love to do but after he submitted his application the process seemed to be taking longer than expected so he started to look instead of at specific states he just looked at other similar positions within Etrade and he found the exact same position but in Alpharetta,GA and he applied.

A few days after he applied to the job, he was contacted by email by someone from HR saying they were worried that he would be a full time employee and a full time student and maybe he should try applying again in June when they would have more positions opening up. He replied letting them know he had been a full time student and employee for over a year and he was able to balance those things along with a family and the next day he got a phone interview.

His phone interview was quickly followed by a plane ride down to GA on a Sunday, on Monday he looked at apartments and on Tuesday he took a pre broker's test and had an in person interview with the managers and he could tell that they liked him so it was no surprise when he got a call on Thursday morning with the news that he got the job. When he found out it was about 3/4s of the way through January and he was told that he would be starting his new job on February 10th so that gave us about 2-3 weeks to contact an apartment complex for a new apartment down in GA, find movers and get out of our lease up in CT.

We have one of the corner apartments with the wrap around porches!

We were able to get a great deal with the moving company Swift Movers who loaded our stuff in CT and took it to New Jersey so it could be stored until we called them. When we called them we only had to wait two days before they told us that our stuff was on it's way down and then two more days to get our stuff where they unloaded it all! We were also able to make an agreement with the manager of our apartment complex in CT and find a great new apartment in GA for almost the same amount we paid in CT but with 400 more sqft and hook ups in the apartment, my top priority when looking in GA, a pool, top notch gym with free personal trainers and other classes, car washing station, playground for Savannah, a small room for an office, wrap around porch, two bathrooms and garden tubs! It has been and will be a great place to live for next year or however long we end up staying here... I hope it becomes permanent because 1) I hate moving and 2) we both really love it here so far!

Ryan is loving his job so far and the people he works with and he can tell that it is something he is going to enjoy and will put him in a good place for the future. I feel so blessed right now to have the family I have and to be able to experience this new move with them and get to experience new things and meet new people.

In a couple days I will have to post about what it has been like to live in Georgia so far but for now I hope you enjoyed our update and if you have something new and exciting going on let me know in the comments I would love to hear all about it! =)


  1. Yay!! Congrats! What a fun new adventure!

    1. Ya! We love it down here in Georgia and now we are going on to a new adventure... buying a house!