Sunday, April 28, 2013

Packing for travel and for moving

Before we moved and went on vacation I saw a couple pieces of advice for packing for both kinds of situations on pintrest and I tried out both of these tips.

The first tip is for packing for a trip. The tip was a tip for packing clothes for babies and children. When looking at the tip I really thought it was a good idea and I was excited that I had seen it before I had left.
The tip is to pack your children's outfits all individually in gallon plastic ziploc bags before you pack them into the suitcase. This was really helpful because instead of it taking me 5-10 minutes to find her outfits every morning all I had to do was reach in our bag and find a plastic bag and I had a full outfit all ready for my baby girl.
The downside of doing this is that it does take up more space, well it did for me because I had a duffle bag and then I switched to a backpack halfway through my vacation to downsize. With this you have to pack all of their clothes in the main part of the bag you are packing in but normally I would pack socks and head bands and jewlery in the side pockets instead.
Although it did take up a little more space I would totally do this again because it was a time saver.

The second tip is a tip for packing clothes for a move. I hate moving because it sucks to have to pack up all your stuff and lug it to where you now need it and then unpack it just knowing that you will probably be packing it back up again in only a year or two so when I saw this next tip I was ready to see if it would really make things easier for me.
This tip is to put a plastic garbage bag over your clothes that are hanging up in the closet so you only have to take the bag off once you get to the new place and then put the already hung up clothes in the closet. This tip looks like this:
The good thing about this is that it does make it so you don't have to unhang and then rehang all of your clothes. The downside is that it takes time to make a hole in the top of the bag and put it over the clothes and with how many clothes my husband and I have we would have used so many bags and when packing this in the car it takes up a lot more space than stuffing all your clothes in a box.
So I would not do this again, I actually ended up only doing this to these clothes and all the rest of my clothes I just took off of the hangers and put in a box and then hung up when we got to the apartment and it took a while but I did not have to waste so many plastic bags.

These are my thoughts for today, let me know what you think about these ideas or if you have any other packing ideas by commenting below.

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