Monday, February 2, 2015

A New Post...Finally!

It has been almost a year since the last time I posted on my blog. A lot has happened since a year ago and I wanted to share those things in this post.

First of all the reason I stopped posting on this blog was because I started writing on another blog, and keeping up with both blogs seemed impossible at the time. The blog I started writing on is called I Love My Kids. It is another mom blog full of fun crafts, recipes, reviews and giveaways. I really love being a part of the I Love My Kids Blog team but I thought it was about time I get back and start posting a few times a month on my blog as well.

A big thing that happened this past year was that my family and I moved down to the Atlanta, Georgia area and we love it. We are currently living in a suburb north of Atlanta called Alpharetta. My husband is working for Etrade and he really likes it and has been able to receive a few promotions since starting only a year ago. We love how it is always warm and sunny here, even in the winter. Although I do miss the snow a little bit but I am glad it does not make up my whole winter now.

The biggest news of all from last year is that I was pregnant! I found out in March or April and after 9 long months our little baby boy, Bentley Bear Blegen, was born on December 21, 2014! The first trimester of my pregnancy was pretty miserable. I was sick to my stomach the whole time, no puking but it was very hard to eat anything so I ended up losing about 15 pounds during those months. The second trimester was a lot better. I could actually do things around the house and play with my daughter who was then about a year and a half. Then the third trimester I was miserable again. I was getting to the point where I was huge all the time, I was always tired and I was always burning up even though the weather was starting to cool down. So when my due date came around I was so ready for this baby to come out! (hopefully I will get his birth story up on this blog someday soon).

This year has been long but so good in so many ways and I would not change any of it!

I am excited for the upcoming year and the surprises it holds for my family. I am really going to try to keep up with this blog and make it into what I dream it can become and I have some really fun things planned for this year with the blog so I can't wait for you all to see what I have in store!

Here is some other pictures from this year!
At the Atlanta Aquarium

At the Park
Birth Announcement
Gender Reveal

Etrade Family Picnic

She loves her little brother

His sister covered him with diapers

Sibling Love

Baby Bear

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