Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mamma Can Do It Review and Giveaway! 6/21-6/28

So one day I was going through Etsy looking for shops that I thought would like to do reviews for and I came across Elizabeth Singler's shop, Mamma Can Do It, and saw the cutest diaper cover I had ever seen! I messaged her and she got back to me and I then learned that it was actually a sewing pattern and not actually the diaper cover I became apprehensive but I was determined to go through with my promise to Elizabeth and do an honest review of her product.

I have sewn before but it has probably been 10 years since the last time I have so I was a little nervous about how this project was going to turn out. Although I had forgotten a lot of what to do when sewing I was determined to complete as much of the diaper cover by myself as I could but I did have my mom there to answer some simple questions and to get me started.

These were all the materials that were needed and I found all of them, except for the elastic we needed to get a different size, in my mom's house so if you are a sewer then you too should have most of the items laying around waiting to be put together into this cute diaper cover.

There I am working away!

The instructions for the diaper cover were very easy to follow, there are pictures to guide you and if you have a question Elizabeth is quick to respond! If you are a beginner and don't know how to even thread your machine than you will need to do a bit of research before starting this project because it just goes straight into it and there are time when things that are common knowledge in the sewing community are not mentioned but it is very easy to find youtube videos or blogs and websites that will help you understand everything better. I of course had my mom right there so I was able to get her help with setting everything up on the machine and once I got started it was like riding a bike!

For the diaper cover pattern you have the choice of adding ruffles or not adding ruffles so my mom made a diaper cover without ruffles and I made one with.

Such a cute model! I really enjoyed working with Elizabeth and her pattern was great! Perfect for beginners and up, as long as you know, or know someone, who knows the basics.

She has agreed to give one of my readers a coupon for $30 to her shop! What a great deal since all of her patterns are adorable!

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  1. My sister makes quilts so she's the one who sews in the family.Your daughter is so adorable.Thank you :)