Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Datevitation Review and Giveaway! 6/4-6/11

 This is my husband and I got a Datevitation coupon book for him for an early Father's Day gift! He loved it as you can see! Datevitation was so easy for me to use. When I went on to set up the coupon book, the first thing I saw was a video from the founders of Datevitation, Alex and Olga Karpman. They are such a cute couple. In the video Alex walked me through how to set up the coupon book and from his directions I had no problem maneuvering my way through this process.

Datevitation has over 350 date ideas that I got to choose from and among those ideas are not just couple dates but also ideas for fathers and mothers too. One of the coupons I picked out for my husband that I know he loved was:

The set up for this coupon book is also great because the text that you see next to the picture can be modified. The text above says, "Not changing a single diaper for a whole weekend. I must love you so much.". In the original text it had a whole month of not changing a diaper and I thought that was a little too long for me so I changed it to a whole weekend since that is when he changes the most diapers anyway!

One other cute idea that are on each of the coupons is the blue part of them on the right. Whenever I think of coupon books I think of how you have to tear each coupon out and then they usually end up in the trash. With the Datevitation coupon book you get to write down the date of when the coupon was used and that way you can keep the book as a cute keepsake!

A Datevitation coupon book of 5 coupons is only $20 but guess what?!?! They have given me a code just for my readers to get a whole $10 off! That is a great deal! Also if you order before June 7 you will get your coupon book just in time for Father's Day!
Can be used throughout the month of June.

If you don't have someone you can give a Father's day gift to or you won't be able to order one in time that is ok because these coupon books are great for all occasions!

Don't forget to check out their website and Blog! Also enter below to win a code for a free coupon book for you to share with one of your loved ones! Good Luck!

Datevitation Website
 Datevitation Blog

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  1. This would be fun to give to my husband either for father's day or for our anniversary coming up!

  2. I really like FREE KIDS DAY--lol--that would help some

  3. These are so cute I like the camping one and a Free Day From Kids